Magdalena Nystrand

Researcher | Data analyst | Biologist | Research Support, Administration and Management


I am an evolutionary biologist, with a broad interest ranging from behavioural ecology, to disease ecology, to conservation and population dynamics. I have worked on a number of different species, including Eurasian lynx, Red squirrels, Siberian jays (birds), Australian field crickets and fruit flies.

The common denominator for everything I have done to date is a keen interest in evolution and ecology, and in exploring the factors that influence the evolutionary process.

My publications can be viewed at Google Scholar Citations and Scopus.

Siberian Jay chicks (Perisoreus infaustus). Photo: MagdalenaNystrand

Current Research

My current research revolves around how environmental and intrinsic stresses influence life-history traits expression. My recent projects have primarily explored these questions in the context of ecological immunity, specifically addressing how perceived or real pathogen exposure impact life-history, within and across generations. Much of this work is in collaboration with A/Prof Damian Dowling. Recently, I have also explored the effect of dietary protein on organismal fitness and metabolism, specifically homing in on cross-generational and cross-development patterns. This work is in collaboration with Dr Matt Piper and A/Prof Damian Dowling.

To answer these questions, I have taken a lab-based experimental approach, using Drosophila melanogaster as the study organism.